Home Design Trends You Need to Watch Out For

Home design trends are constantly changing, with previous fashions such as hygge and industrial looks already falling out of the style guidebooks since last year. Although it is important to be aware of these, you need to choose a trend that you instantly fall in love with, and that you can imagine your house having for an extended amount of time.
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Most people do not have the budget to redecorate every year, and so it is crucial to find trends that are both personal favourites and have practical application.

Modern Kitchens

Kitchens are usually one of the most traditional rooms in the house; however, there has been a recent resurgence in the desire for modern kitchen units and countertops. For instance, the sophistication and instant glamour of quartz countertops have grabbed the attention of design businesses in recent months, with many families opting for these to bring a hint of fashion to an otherwise practical room.

Other trends that homeowners are investing in to rejuvenate the appearance of their kitchen include kitchen gadgets and technology staples such as coffee makers and mobile-controlled ovens, and coloured cabinets. Not only this but modern materials for flooring, such as concrete, are becoming more popular as people start to see the advantages in their durability and the fact that they can complement any type of home design, which many different styles available, such as coloured concrete.

However, when you are renovating rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom, it is vital that you check whether your plumbing is sufficient enough to support your renovations and any changes to your fittings or appliances that you make, such as changing sinks. If this is the case, searching for "plumbers in my area" online can help you to make the relevant changes to ensure that you can invest in the home décor and redesign that you have been looking for.

Convertible Spaces

Many homeowners are also starting to opt for convertible spaces, especially those that live in smaller homes or who have a large family. Convertible spaces allow rooms to serve multiple purposes according to your needs and depending on the situation which they are being used for. For instance, home offices are often now installed with sofa beds to transform them into spare bedrooms when guests come to visit.

These elements of renovation mean that even families who must buy houses with a smaller budget can get the room functions that they want and need, making the best use of their space.


When deciding to renovate their spaces, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, more families are choosing to opt for a minimalist effect, with less busy wallpapers and only the minimum amount of furniture within a room. One of the best ways to pull this off and still create a functional family home is to install enough storage facilities within your home, and there are many different methods to do this, such as creating over-the-head and ceiling storage, remodelling your attic as a storage space, and adding versatile storage facilities to your home.

You can also make your home minimalist by sticking to one colour scheme throughout the room, such as monochrome themes, which can give your home an instant flare of elegance without the gaudiness of other, bright colour combinations.

Vintage Renovations

However, when remodelling their home, many homeowners are now opting to escape into the past with a vintage flair. If you are wondering how to decorate with vintage décor, while some homeowners are deciding to add retro touches with simple soft furnishings and vintage fabrics (which you can buy from local vintage stores), others are opting for vintage themes in their fixtures such as cupboards and flooring. For instance, the latest trend for Farmhouse kitchen décor, with rustic freestanding vanities and apron sinks, give homes a traditional vibe, which is especially sought after when associated with the hub of the house.

There is a similar situation happening when it comes to bathroom design too, with checkerboard flooring, clawfoot tubs, and skirted skinks beginning to make reappearances as people search for ways to add hints of nostalgia to their modern homes.

If you are looking to renovate or remodel your home, there are several fashionable trends hitting the showrooms this year that are sure to wow you. Although not all trends stay fashionable for long, by finding trends that you love, you can make your space a great place for you to enjoy and relax within for years to come.

Whether you decide to do this renovation yourself or hire a professional team to help you with these, home renovations can help you to create the home you have always wanted.

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