When you're struggling, write it down

I'm a firm believer in writing down your affirmations every day, to write down what you are grateful for, but there is so much more to writing than just affirmations.

I have journals all over the house, I may have a stationery problem.  I do love a notebook!  But is my love for notebooks because I just love the feel of a crisp new book and the newness of a right-hand side of a page?

Or do I love a journal because it's where I braindump?

I've often written down what is bothering or concerning me before I go to bed, usually big issues, anxiety or meeting up with people I don't know.  It somehow makes me feel that little bit better getting it out of my head, maybe just so I can read it back and analyze it better?

But sometimes, I like to just write it out in poem form.  I've done this as a child and one of my poem books has stood the test of time and living quite happily tucked away in the loft.

It's not something I do to share or want praise for, it's just that sometimes, it just has to be written this way.

But most importantly, my lovely readers, write it down! 

Give it a go if you've never tried it you may surprise yourself.  It's like having a little clear out in your mind, maybe to make room for more chaos and mayhem and misunderstandings and sadness, or maybe, to let in some light.

We all could do with a little bit more light in our lives.

Take care.

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