How I made the Undesirable No. 1 stool

A few weeks back I passed this tired-looking footstool at the car boot.  I originally walked by, but something made me double back and ask for the price.  £1!  How could I leave it there!
Turning a tatty old foot stool into a desirable no 1 Harry Potter stool

I've made a few stools in the past and each one has had its own challenges, but studying this little one, I knew it was going to be straightforward.

The first step was to remove the tired feed (I know that feeling) and gave them a touch-up.   I used the spray cans leftover from my chessboard project.

I also have a new staple remover which I bought for heavy-duty staples.  But if I'm honest, I didn't really get along with it and found a good old fashioned office staple remover did the job better.

Once the fabric was removed it was a simple case of measuring up the new material to ensure it covered the deep sides.  Once folded in place it was stapled again.

I placed the original black cover (I so get why we have these now) back underneath to keep it tidy and to hide the edges of the fabric.

And just like that my Undesirable No. 1 Footstool was created.

Harry Potter footstool

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