How to add a little bit of Fandom to your clothes

When I was looking at my upturned jeans I thought how bare the inside of them looked .... until now.
How to add Spiderman Fabric to the upturned part of your jeans

I selected my Spider-man comic style material for the project as it had defined lines that I thought would be perfect for the edges of the jeans.

I marked the section of the jeans which is shown using a fabric pen, this marks the material instantly but fades over time so is not permanent.

With the jeans marked out, I measured the section which needs to be covered and cut my material to size.

Then it was a case of ironing on the double-sided bondaweb to the Spider-man fabric and once it had cooled down, peeling the backing paper off and placing it onto the jeans.

Iron on bonding fabric to jeans with Spiderman fabric UK

When I was happy with the location of the material I then ironed this side onto the turned-up jeans.

How to add fabric to upturned jeans

The transformation is amazing and I get quite a few comments when I'm out.

A quick and easy update on your clothes which you can complete in an evening.

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