Adding an Old-Fashioned Aesthetic to your Bathroom

If you’re looking to add a little extra oomph to your bathroom, you might want to consider bringing in a blast from the past. Re-using second-hand items or restoring antiques can be a phenomenal way to add some flair and personality to an otherwise boring room. The look of old fashioned bathrooms are back, but with all the modern necessities to make it useful.
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If your home was built mid-century, chances are your bathroom is fairly small. While an old-fashioned clawfoot tub might be something to dream about later on down the road, you can still implement some design flair with vintage-style taps or sinks. Just look at this Old England Cambridge sink and try not to fall in love.
If you’re interested in renovating your bathroom later on down the line but aren’t ready to make the jump yet, consider some bathroom accessories as a way to bring a little bit of a more traditional look to your home. Here are a few ways to bring an antique feel to your bathroom without sacrificing modern comfort.


Vintage style towels are a fun addition to any bathroom. If you would like actual antique bath towels, check out your local vintage store, or see what Etsy may have to offer. There are many options on the second-hand market if you take the time to look

However, if you’re looking for an antique style that you won’t feel bad for throwing in the washing machine, you may want to pick up a Turkish bath towel, which portrays a similar look and feel to a vintage towel, particularly in comparison to a terry cloth towel.

Towel rails

While on the discussion of towels, what about an antique or vintage towel holder? If you’re looking for an Italian-period look, the Flora Freestanding Towel Rail is a fun option to add flair to your bathroom without needing to renovate the whole space. It’s beautiful enough that you might not want to reserve it just for the bathroom. Paired with your light Turkish towels, you’ll have guests coming over just to use your bathroom.

Soap dishes and shampoo accessories

A simpler way to add an old-fashioned appeal to your powder room is by changing the soap and shampoo dispensers.

A simple white porcelain soap dish adds a classic touch, without the big remodel. The added bonus for many of the traditional style soap dishes is that you can attach them to your wall, and the dish can easily be detached to be cleaned. That way, there’s no soap residue slipping around on the top of your beautiful sink basin.

An inexpensive way to turn your bathroom from modern to classic is by transferring your brightly coloured shampoo bottles into clear containers. Let’s be honest; those shampoo bottles don’t add much as far as aesthetic appeal goes. You can go the route of authentically vintage with a glass bottle, but if you’re afraid of breaking the bottle while in the shower, you can also try a less authentically but slightly safer option, like using a plastic-amber coloured dispenser.

Your bathroom doesn’t need to be a boring, plain space like so many bathrooms are. While you may not be ready to renovate the entire space, you can still add an old-fashioned appeal to it with minimal work involved.

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