How to freshen up your winter clothes with the ACE Challenge

Over the weekend I took full advantage of the bright autumn weather and took part in the #ACEWinterRefresh challenge.
Suitcase full of winter jumpers

What is the Ace Winter Refresh Challenge I hear you ask

BritMums and ACE want to know what my routine is for swapping out my summer clothes for winter jumpers and how I reinvigorate my winter wardrobe in the process.

Up until this summer I had my winter and autumn jumpers folded at the bottom of my wardrobe.  I've never been happy with them tucked away like that as it's always been a faff rummaging to get them out again as the weather turns.

This summer, whilst at a car boot, I came across this fabulous vintage suitcase and snapped it up for £2.  Bargain!

suitcase on top of wardrobe

As you can see it lives on top of my wardrobe and yes, it is filled with my jumpers.  At the end of the day guys, suitcases make excellent storage units, why are we packing them away in the loft??

I plan to have a stack of suitcases on each wardrobe as and when I come across them, but the price needs to be right, some vintage suitcases are costing quite a pretty penny at the moment.

Having been tucked away since the summer, the jumpers all needed a freshen up and I know washing is not our favourite pastime but needs must.

Ace Washing Powder being used in the washing machine

Thanks to ACE for Colour powder all my jumpers have had a freshen up and with the added bonus of a sunny dry day, have had the wind dry them too.

What a perfect combination.

Jumpers on the washing line

I'd love to hear the ways you keep your jumpers fresh for winter, and where you store them too?

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  1. great tip about using a vintage suitcase for storage! looks fab!

  2. Got to love a retro suitcase - commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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