How To Make Beautiful Scrabble Art

Quick and Easy Home Decor art that can be completed in an evening, allowing for the glue to dry, can then be hung up the following day.
Using scrabble tiles to make Home Decor Art

I love these frames and have made several for friends and family, and I have to admit the hardest part of this project is actually getting all the words to fit nicely. 

Materials used to make Scrabble Tile Frames

* Box Frames - usually on special offer in HobbyCraft
* Scrabble Tiles - I purchased these from The Range
* Scrapbooking Paper
* Accessories
* Glue - my favourite is Gorilla glue.
Accessories used for the Scrabble Art Picture Frame

Use the backing from the box frame as the template to cut the paper background.  You really can go wild with your paper and choose something that fits your decor, your hobbies, some of the actual wallpaper!

Once set, work on figuring out how best to display the lettering.  When you're happy take a photo.  This can be used to refer back to what you've done, once you start glueing, you don't want to be getting the accessories in the wrong place.
Setting up the scrabble tiles for Frame Art

Finally, glue each piece on the paper.  I use Gorilla glue, I think it's amazing stuff and will dry clear overnight and you'll be safe to hang your frame up in the morning.

I am so pleased with how these have turned out.

With Christmas coming, you can make a batch of these for your friends and family, the fact that you'll choose the background and accessories will make the product that much more personal and what better way to say "Merry Christmas, we're thinking of you".


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