Appear to Disappear with WOW! Stuff invisibility cloak

For those who have not received their Hogwarts letter, or a direct descendant from Peverell, have no fear, we can still experience the magic of the invisibility cloak thanks to WOW! Stuff and Warner bros. Consumer Products.
Appear to disappear with WOW! Stuff Invisibility cloak
I think it is safe to say I am beyond excited with this cloak!  To the point that my son didn't get a look in for a good 24 hours after I received it!

What is not to love?  It's Harry Potter inspired, you appear to disappear and best of all you can re-enact your favourite scenes from the films.   I can not wait for the snow!!
Harry Potter Inspired Invisibility cloak floating head

The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

The magical illusion costume comes with a unique authentication code that allows users to unlock the invisibility cloak section within the free downloadable WOW! Stuff app for iOS and Android devices.

While wearing the invisibility cloak illusion costume you can view, photograph or film yourself re-enacting iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films and then save to your camera roll.

The Invisibility Cloak features authentic patterning as seen in the films and a green silk style interior.

Now that we have established I'm very much in love with this product, here are a few facts.

* You need to pay attention to your instruction manual, as this has your unique code for the app.

* Once you have taken a photo of the background it will go straight into record mode with no warning, therefore, if you have your front facing camera on and your confused-looking face is right there looking at, when you are setting your background - you become the background!  Yes, this took me no less than three attempts before I realised what I was doing!

* Photography rules apply.  If it is dark, evening light, the video will reflect this.  Outdoors with natural light will always be best.

* The TV will reflect on the green side of the cloak.  Turn it off.  We had far better results when there was no light reflecting off the cloak.

* HAVE FUN.  We fell over, swished and nearly gave ourselves a black eye, had the cloak on wrong, all sorts, and it's all part of the fun.

* Upload your videos and dazzle your friends.

Purchasing details on Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

The Cloak is suitable for fans aged 6+.  The Standard Version (RRP £59.99) includes detailed patterning and a foldaway stand to steady your smart device (not included) while in use.

The Deluxe Version (RRP £69.99) features authentic patterning and serpent intertwined borders and includes a deluxe tabletop tripod to hold a smart device (not included).

The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is available to buy from all good toy stores, Argos, Smyths, Hamleys and Platform 9&3/4

Stay Magical.

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  1. Oh wow. Don't tell my boys about this else they will both be asking me for one


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