Review of Paint by Stickers for Kids

Colour by numbers without the mess of pens, but fine-tuning accuracy of sticker placement is most definitely a big plus in our house.                                 
Ideal Stocking Filler this Christmas the Paint by Stickers Book Set
ISBN  9781523506750

About Paint by Stickers for Kids

This is a quiet, hands-on, no-mess activity that as a bonus is a calming, helpful way to practise recognising and learning numbers outside the classroom.  The way it works is simple: find the numbered sticker, peel it, and place it in the right space.  Add the next, and the next - and see the images come to life in the "low-poly" style that uses geometric shapes.  Since the card-stock pages are perforated, artwork can be easily removed so kids can hang them up as decorations, or proudly display them on the fridge.

Our Thoughts on Paint by Stickers

Well, we received this book to review and all I can say is I've now added half a dozen to my son's Christmas list!  He really enjoyed completing this book, which at 8 years old took him no time at all.

Much to my dismay, my boy is not one for picking up the crafts when he's looking for something to do, he's more likely to head for his Lego, slime or cards, but if he sees that I'm crafting he will come and join me.  That being said, he will pick up an activity book if left nearby.

The idea of the book is very simple and easy to pick up.  The picture templates are in the front half of the book.  The back half has stickers relating to each of the pictures.  As the pages were perforated, I tore out the sticker page relating to the reindeer so we weren't flicking back and forth.
Stickers to go with the Christmas Stocking Filler book Paint by Stickers

And just like painting by numbers, each sticker is assigned a number and this number is placed on the image in the book, and it really is that simple to do.

These books by Workman Publishing are currently available to purchase on Amazon, and I'm really pleased to see there are a whole host of themed books to choose from (I quite like the Music Icon one myself).

Do you have any crafty children that would benefit from these books or even yourselves? 

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  1. Clever idea. I used to love paint by numbers as a child, but my boys showed no interest. And now they have mostly gone off crafts altogether. In fact I donated a large number of unopened kits to school last week for the shoeboxes they are filling for Operation Christmas Child


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