Recreate Masterpieces With These Wonderful Dot Art Sticker Books

Prestel Publishing in association with the National Gallery has created some rather amazing activity books designed for all ages to provide entertainment, relaxation or meditation and helps unwind at the end of a busy day.
Wonderful Christmas Gifts this year with Dot Art Sticker Books

What is the Van Gogh Dot Art Sticker Book

Match the thousands of coloured round stickers to the outlines and marvel as the hilly landscape and swirling clouds come to life. There’s a short essay at the start so you can learn more about the oil painting, and a folder-style flap for storing and taking your creation on-the-go.
Match thousands of dot stickers to create a masterpiece

Oh, this is a rather amazing activity.  I want to call it a puzzle really, as it really does tax the brain.

We received the Van Gogh masterpiece to recreate on a 22 x 26cm poster page.  It comes with 28 pages of stickers and not just any stickers, very small dot stickers in pastel colours.

The idea is to match up the edges of the poster circles with the pastel colours in the book.  This is NOT a 30-minute activity.  It's more like a 30-day activity in our house.
Filling in the dots with Dot Art Sticker Books

I do love it.  It's an activity that the whole family can get involved in and help each other out with.  The children will more than likely fair better with matching the colours and the adults will be better at placing the small circles in place.

The Dot Art Stickers can be purchased from the National Gallery website for £10.99 and make a great Christmas gift or family present to create together.

It's something different, it's definitely challenging and also rewarding once complete.

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