Doesn't it feel like walks were made for Autumn

Golden colours and a chill in the air await us all in these beautiful autumnal days.
I have no idea what this is
We are so fortunate to have the Sussex Downs to the north of us, and when the weather turns too cold for beach-combing, we head to the woods.

There is something magical and peaceful about walking in autumn.
Finding the best waking sticks in the wood

We visited Clapham Woods recently, as the chestnuts had fallen and we were on a mission to roast them.

We found the most amazing walking sticks, some say, they even have magical powers to help direct the way.

We saw and studied massive mushrooms and small clusters that looked like little houses that the wood nymphs may live in.
Beautifully formed mushrooms on a tree

We stopped and had a picnic on a tree stump and tried to make out what the birds were saying to each other.

"We" climbed trees and starred at some of the crazy shapes they had made over the years, and wondered if they are slowing on the move to a new area of the woods without anyone noticing.

Climbing weird and wonderful trees

We climbed over footpaths and slipped in the mud!

We investigated the acorns and studied their leaves so we knew which trees to eliminate in our quest to find the chestnuts.

And of course, there were puddles to play and get stuck in.
Getting stuck in muddy puddles

From a day of adventure and imagination, we came home with red noses, chestnuts to roast and cooking apples to crumble.

What is not to love about an autumn walk?  My only regret is we didn't share it with a dog.

Enjoy this magical time of the year.

Old wooden bench found in Clapham Woods
My favourite view of the day

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  1. Sounds fab. I collected and roasted some chestnuts last month, but I think I many have gathered them too early, as I was looking at some in the shop this weekend and they were about 4 times the size of the ones I collected


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