Discovering Energy; a great new children's book

Discovering Energy; A Children’s Science Book to Power Young Minds!
Discovering Energy - new kids book
Pub Date: November 2019 / RRP £12.99 / For Kids aged 8+ 
We all know energy is important, but what exactly is it? What is electricity exactly? And how do combustion engines, nuclear reactors and solar panels actually work? If you want to know more about all the ways humankind harnesses the energy, or how we produce the energy that our civilisation runs on, this beautifully illustrated book is the perfect introduction to understanding the many exciting ways that energy affects our lives.

In Discovering Energy we look at where energy comes from, how our understanding of it has evolved and the many different ways people have learned to harness it to make our lives easier. From the discovery of fire, through to advances in nuclear power, everything is explained and brought to life with dynamic diagrams. With climate change meaning that we need to find new sources of energy for the things we rely on and this book also looks at the exciting developments that will make clean, safe and sustainable energy for the future.
Measuring Energy from the Discovering Energy Child's book

This book shows us that energy is all around us – in the warmth that comes from the Sun, the movement of our bodies, the power stored in rivers and oceans and even in the force of the wind.

About the creators: Eduard Altarriba is a graphic designer and illustrator.  He runs Alababal√†, a Barcelona-based independent studio producing games, exhibitions, animation, apps and workbooks for children that are practical and fun.  Other books he has worked on include the award-winning My First Book of Quantum Physics as well as My First Book of Relativity and Discovering Architecture all published by Button Books.

Veronica Sanz is a Professor of Physics at the University of Sussex, UK and also holds the award for the Large Hadron Collider-Theory initiative prize. Johannes Hirn has a degree in engineering, a PhD in physics and an MSc in scientific journalism. He loves to understand and explain the world around us and is now a science teacher. This is Veronica’s and Johnannes’s first book for Button Books

Steam details from the Discovering Energy Child's book

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  1. I did try and comment on this post a few days ago, but I'm having issues on my Mac. I can't seem to login for comments so all as anonymous. I'm using my son's laptop instead now. I had been trying to say that from the perspective of working in the energy industry, this is a great way of explaining it to kids


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