Not All My Craft Projects Go To Plan

Over on Pinterest, I'd seen a fabulous craft to turn torches into bat signals.

I thought it would be fantastic to take this craft project and add a little Harry Potter flare to it.

I put the idea on my "to-do" pile and waited for the opportunity to present itself.

Over Christmas, I'd bought a Harry Potter personalised decal set so I could add my son's name on his Chromebook.  Along with the name, there were several HP symbols, so my first step to this craft was ready.
Harry Potter Decal Stickers

One day when I was in Halfords, I saw they were selling £5 torches.  I bought a couple and was ready to take on this bat signal craft.

It has not gone well.

The large £5 torches I bought have three bulbs inside which reflect through the decal sticker too much.
Large Harry Potter Torch lights

The smaller torch sort of worked but you could see the bulb shining brightly through the sticker.  I did wonder if it's because the stickers were orange?

My decal stickers are orange because that is my son's favourite colour, and the purchase was first and foremost for him.  I wonder if thicker and black stickers would make a difference?  I must add that to my to-do pile.
Dobby Torch Light

Can you guess who we are calling with our Harry Potter signal?

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  1. You'll have to give us an update once you've tried the black, but I can still recognise those ears for Dobby


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