Did I enjoyed the movie CATS?

Bit of a mad title for my blog post I know, but I honestly don't know whether or not I enjoyed the movie CATS.

The first day back at school in January was an inset day, and my son, having watched the trailer on TV had asked to go see the movie Cats.

I asked him several times before the day if he was sure this is what he wanted to do and he said yes.  I also gave him a get out.  I've never done that with a movie before, but this one was an hour and 50 minutes long and I wasn't convinced he was going to enjoy it.

He loved it!!

I think this film is perfect for kids!  It's a story about cats.  Granted it's adults dressed as cats singing their head off the entire movie, but if you see that through a child's eyes, that's pretty entertaining.

He left and he told his dad the full story, he even remembered the characters names.

I rather enjoyed the songs, and the storyline.  Bit fed up with seeing Corden everywhere, I do like him, but I'm not over the whole ending of Gavin and Stacey yet!  He's not forgiven.

I can't decide if I enjoyed it or not, but I also now want to watch it again to see if I did enjoy it.

The film has had quite a bad write up, but I do wonder if you just have to let your imagination go and watch the film through innocent eyes.  Watch the story of street cats living their lives and enjoy the movie through song. After all, it is a musical!

Let's face it, cats in general, are bloody mental! Why would the film be any different.

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