How to preserve Fossil Shark Teeth finds

Last year I wrote a piece on how we are displaying the shark teeth that we find at Bracklesham Bay.
Shark and Ray teeth found at Bracklesham Bay

Not all the teeth that my son, with his 2020 vision, finds can go in our new display due to the size.  Who knew such small teeth existed!

Small Shark Teeth

As with the larger teeth, I feel it's such a shame to have them hidden away in a little display box placed on a shelf.  Therefore, I decided to get the resin out and preserve our smaller finds, which my child now wishes to wear as a necklace.

Shark teeth in resin

Shark Teeth in Resin Necklace

My boy made that necklace himself.

I also like the idea of displaying these on foam boards in a nice frame.  I think sewing pins will hold them in place nicely, so watch out over on Instagram if I ever get around to making that.  It'll be shown there first.

Just as a side note.  The resin craft also makes some really fabulous steampunk effect jewellery

Steampunk resin necklace pieces

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