Fun games to challenge the family for when you're staying in

Take your games for a Spin when the weather's dull.  We've been having such fun with these hilarious and challenging games from Spin Master.
Perfect board and family games for when you're staying in

On Sunday we had a games day.  Usually, I ask Max to choose up to 5 games that the family can play together when we are staying in.  This almost always ends up with Cluedo (which I'm sure his daddy hates because I often win), some form of noisy bashing game and a few board games.

This week, we were treated to some really fab games from Spin Master that I've never heard of!  One of which is now my favourite and 'must travel with us' game.

Jumanji - The Next Level

This one took awhile to get started as we needed to read and then argue over the rules a few times.  I love any game that has a ridiculous amount of die and this one has four and an orange one!  The aim of the game is to collect all 6 tokens and shout out Jumanji.

It's a bit tricky for my 8-year-old and I'm not sure dad enjoyed it, but I rather did. The game is quick-paced so doesn't take long to complete, and is very relevant due to The Next Level just being released to buy and rent now.

HedBanz had me crying

Not going to lie, I can be very childish at times and when I have to guess what type of 'thing' I am and my partner tells me in a very stern voice "Yes Rachael, you're a tool".  I kind of lose my time from crying with laughter.

This is fab, I know it looks like a fancy post-it game, but it's good fun, lots of different animals, foods and things to pick from on the cards and every now and then you get a real corker to make you laugh.

My card read I am nuts and he thought it was so funny, he felt the need to take a picture of my head!

Really good fun, belly-laughing moments game this one.  We've played it several times during the week in the garden.

Hedbanz such a fun and belly laughing game to play

Otrio - my new favourite game

I love this game!  It's like noughts and crosses only more counters and more ways to win, therefore more ways to block and more players!

We all loved this, it's so easy to get wrapped up in what you want to do you forget there are two other players to block you and keep an eye on at the same time.

Max and I played it just the two of us, so you have two colours each and that was even harder to work out.
Otrio is a challenging updated crazy version of tic-tac-toe

To win, get three pieces of your colour in a row based upon similar size; lined up in ascending or descending order, or within the same space as three concentric pieces. The rules are simple but the game is complex! 

Depending on the wit of your opponent, you may need to sharpen your strategic skills and exercise critical thinking! Straight out of the Brain Workshop, Otrio is a unique game that is engaging, challenging and beautifully built!

We are really enjoying these family games, and love finding new and fun games to play.  Have you found anything recently that's become one of your favourites like Otrio has become for me?

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  1. Not come across any of these games. They all look fun. We've dug out the Angry Birds space ludo as our goto game during lockdown


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