Review: Power Skills - A Masterclass for Woman

Do you want to feel calmer under pressure? Are you uncomfortable with confrontation? Do you find it hard to say no? Power Skills will help you improve your body language and communication skills.

This month I have been very fortunate to receive the newly published book by Juliet Erickson - Power Skills - A Masterclass for women.

Those who know me, know I love a self-help book and have reviewed many in all different formats, and one of my favourite being Therapy Quest.   Yet this new book is completely different but just as fascinating, and that's just how self-help books should be.  We are made up of so many parts, one book does not fit all.

Power Skills is designed and written for women.  It is divided into sections and discusses posture, movement, voice, eye contact and gesture.  There are around 4/5 default poses that we fall into when under pressure/stress.  The book details these poses and what we are portraying out to others and then recommends the most effective stance to make.

This is the format for each of the chapters and is more of a workbook then just a book to read.  If you want to improve your power skills, understand body language and communications it will take practice, deliberate thought on how you are standing, what your eyes are doing and how you are communicating.

I loved it, I loved the theory behind each section.  Finding out what each of the 'typical' defaults I fall into mean.

You can change if you want to, and what better time to start then whilst some of us have time on our hands?

About Power Skills Book

Divided into chapters, Power Skills looks at posture, movement, gesture, voice, eye contact and the book use’s practical exercises to help improve these points, becoming your go-to toolbox of techniques. As well as offering a masterclass in body language, the book will help you manage confrontational situations and show you how to cultivate presence – creating a new you that is confident, at ease and calm in any situation.

Juliet Erickson has devised techniques that will help you choose body language that creates the outward expression of confidence and internal feeling of calm. Say goodbye to conditioned behaviour and break out of bad habits that haven’t been serving you.

Power Skills was released on 23rd April

About the Author
Juliet Erickson was a founding partner of Rogen International, a global communications consultancy that develops skills and strategies for individuals in high stakes communication. Juliet was responsible for the global growth of the company. After selling her stake in the firm, Juliet went on to become an executive coach, communications specialist and author. She has enjoyed preparing both TED and TEDx speakers over the past 10 years and successfully coached and consulted the London Olympic Bid Team during their final presentation to the IOC. Juliet's clients include sports personalities, lawyers, entertainers, politicians and she also teaches at Stanford University.

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  1. Sounds interesting but I'm not really into these type of books. Too many other things to read


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