Easy science projects to do with the children

We made a rocket out of an old pill pot and sent it into orbit thanks to a fizzy tablet.  Well, not quite but in the eyes of my 8-year-old, that's exactly what we did!
Quick and easy rockets at home
These projects have come about as part of my son's science lessons during home-schooling.  The school do give us a great array of work to cover during the day, but sometimes we add a little fun of our own.

I thought I'd share our three favourite projects to date.

The Alka Seltzer Rocket.

We used Granddad's old pill pot for this as we didn't have a film case, well we do, but I have no idea where in the house it is!

The first mission was to decorate our rocket, which we did with some coloured card and taped it around the case.

Next, we filled the pot a third of the way with water and popped in the tablet and quickly shut the lid and placed on the table.  Full details on how to make an Alka Seltzer Rocket can be found here.

Experiment 2 with Alka Seltzer, water and a film case to make a rocket. ##scienceexperiments @gdarran

♬ Weird Science - Javier Martinez Maya

The Alka Seltzer Lava Lamp

We filled a glass with 1/4th water and some food colouring and 3/4th with vegetable oil and left a good couple of inches at the top before added our Alka Seltzer tablet.

Since doing our experiment it turns out you're meant to break up the tablet into 4 pieces before adding to the water/oil mixture, but I think ours had turned out ok!

Once the tablet starts to take effect, add a torch under the glass to give it that wonderful lava lamp glow.


Science was on our Home-Schooling timetable today. Some oil, water and an Alka Seltza. Experiment 1

♬ Out Of Space - The Prodigy

The effects of a burp!

This one is probably my son's favourite!  We had a yucky science kit and one of the experiments was to show how burps react in our stomach.  I'm still not convinced I read that right.

We mixed approximately 5mls of vinegar with 20mls of washing up liquid and a dash of green food colouring and poured into a larger pot.

We then added a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to 25ml of water.

As soon as we added this mixture to our first concoction we got a mini volcano effect which is aimed to show children the effect of what happens when you burp. After watching this, I think we may try a mini volcano next!


I am using more vinegar on my science projects than I am on my chips! ##home-Schooling

♬ Out Of Space - The Prodigy

Science in the sun is possibly one of my favourite lessons.

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