Crafting with Children with items from around the home

Thanks to office supplier Viking Direct, we teamed up with fellow fabulous bloggers to have a wonderful Zoom morning with a selection of Viking goodies and Jane's know-how.

Jane, from Tea and Crafting, spent the morning in our homes via Zoom showing us crafters how to make Chocolate Bubble Wrap, Fire Breathing Dragons and Parcel Tape Feet.

The best bit about these sorts of crafts is you have the items in your home, and if you don't have the exact items required you'll be sure to have a good substitute.

Below I've listed how to make a Fire Breathing Dragon.  If you'd like to learn how to make Parcel Tape Feet (my favourite) or Bubble Wrap Chocolate (my son's favourite), then head on over to Viking's blog page for detailed instructions on both.

How to Make Fire Breathing Dragons

Materials Needed:
* A4 coloured paper
* Toilet rolls
* Glue
* Sharpie
* Tissue Paper
  1. Clean your working area and wash your hands or use some hand sanitiser before starting.
  2. Take a sheet of A4 paper. Measure how high your toilet roll tube is and then cut a strip of paper along the long side of the A4 using that measurement. 
  3. Spread glue over your toilet roll holder and then glue your paper to the toilet roll tube and cut where the paper overlaps. Trim off any edges that overlap the opening if needed. 
  4. Add eyes and a nose to your dragon's body, do this by using a Sharpie to draw the eyes and then draw a little square under your eye. This square will fold back and be glued down so that the dragon eyes stay upright. Do the same for the nose and glue the eyes and nose down.
  5. Cut tissue paper into strips no longer than about 10cm in length and about a finger’s width. Glue the strips to the top (this would be where the dragon eyes and nose are placed) and bottom of the inside of the toilet roll tube. There’s no need to add tissue paper to the sides of the toilet roll, at this point, it's fine if the tissue paper overlaps. 
  6. Hold your dragon at an angle in front of you and breathe into the toilet roll tube - you'll see its tissue paper fire breath come to life! 

I don't have a photo of the bubble wrap chocolate I'm afraid, my son ate it the minute it came out of the fridge!  Highly recommend that craft.

Making Parcel Tape Feet

About Viking Direct

Viking Direct is an office supplier that also sells stationery and craft supplies as well as cleaning and bathroom products such as toilet rolls and all-important hand sanitizers and soaps.

About Tea & Crafting.

Jane is passionate about crafting and set up Tea & Crafting in 2009 as she wanted to share all things crafty and show people that a lot of these crafts are easier to learn than you think, without the need to commit to a six-week course that can be difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle.

* Video feature Jane from Tea and Crafting

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