Free ebook to support children returning to school after lockdown

Twinkl Educational Publishing, a resource we have used heavily over this lockdown period, have been focusing on the experiences that children may have faced during lockdown and the emotions they may experience when returning to school in the coming months.

Twinkl have therefore released free ebooks to support children on their return to school from lockdown.  The story introduces four characters who demonstrate how their life has changed due to school closures.
Twinkl free ebook

Twinkl encourages parents, carers and teachers to use the story to talk to children about COVID-19 and going back to school if they are returning. The company also offers further free resources and advice on its site.

The Twinkl Originals book was written, illustrated, designed and published in a matter of weeks as the team recognised the need to support children as schools reopen.

This is a lovely illustrated book which is easy to read and prompts discussions.  My son is looking forward to going back to school (now in September it looks like) but he also is enjoying time at home and home learning, which involved some learning, lots of breaks and life skills.

We can resonate with the stories in this book and helps prompt the questions that little ones sometimes didn't know was even in them to ask.

Jonathan Seaton, Co-Founder and CEO at Twinkl, said: “At Twinkl, we understand how extremely challenging the current situation is for parents, teachers and children. We wanted to create a story targeted at young children to support them with their return to school. The team have worked incredibly hard to produce a story which allows children to talk openly about their concerns. We hope that it will encourage conversations and be useful to people at this time.”

I believe the book does what it's designed to do, to communicate with our children and help them settle back into the new school year.

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