Where can I get in free with my Blue Peter Badge in the South East?

I say MY Blue Peter badge, but in fact, it's my 8-year-old son who received his badge during the lockdown.

He sent off his artwork in March, at the beginning of the lockdown, in the post to Blue Peter.  The website does state that it can take 10 weeks to receive a badge, and true to their word, it took 10 weeks.
Blue Peter Badge

The whole house was so excited!  I've always wanted a badge but never put the time and effort in to apply but my son did, and I'm so proud!

You can find out how to apply for a Blue Peter Badge on their website.

Places to visit for Free with a Blue Peter Badge

The BBC website has all the attractions you can visit for free and can be sorted in various categories.

There is so much to see and do, I've narrowed down our search to the South East only - for now - and once the lockdown is over I plan to make sure my son gets full use from his badge and we get to see as many of these attractions as possible this/next year:

So much to see and do!

We're on a mission now to collect the other badges!

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