Have you seen the new Harry Potter Magical Capsules?

These rather fantastic collectable Harry Potter "Blind Bags" are now available to buy from Kaptoys.com, major toy shops and Tesco for £9.99 and we need to collect them all!
Cho inside the Harry Potter Magical Capsules
I don't know what I love most about these new Magical Capsules, there is so much to these crest boxes and such a bargain at £9.99!

The quality of the products is very sharp with a character, a fantastic beast pet, accessories and a wand, and then there's the heat and water magic to reveal the house and the spell!!

So much thought has gone into these "boxes" I wouldn't be surprised if they Wingardium Leviosa straight of the shelf!

Use the clues to work out who the surprise Hogwarts Character is.  The crest in section 1 will require heat from your finger, the spell in section 2 will require water for it to be revealed and the packages in section 3 will finalise the clue as to who the character is.

You can see the full unboxing of our second Magical Capsule on my Tiktok & Youtube Account.

You can purchase these magical capsules straight from Kaptoys website or major toy stores and Tesco from mid-July.

Happy Hunting

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