How To Turn Recycling Into Toys

The company Re-cycle-me's objective is to introduce more sustainable toys within the arts and crafts category. The overall goal is to teach children and parents to use household disposables and creatively turn them into toys and arts bringing awareness on the waste we produce. For example from a disposable paper roll, egg box or milk carton you can create animals, robots, cars, etc.
Re-cycle-me toy packages

We were fortunate enough to receive the ocean-themed games and during our 'art' classes within the homeschooling session of the day, we made a shark and fish game!

I think these are fabulous craft boxes as they supply you with everything you need to create great toys from recycling complete with instructions.

Watch my full review below.

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  1. I'm so crazy in love with the The Birdhouse Box!! So pretty!!

  2. I love the look of the The Home Decoration box 1 x


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