Making Smart Choices – Opting for Alloy Wheels

Given the tremendous number of race tracks and motoring venues in Essex, it will come as no surprise that drivers in that region want the best from their vehicles, whether they are racers or mere commuters, getting to and from work and hoping to beat the rush! But which is better for a vehicle: steel wheels or alloy wheels? We think alloy wheels are the answer, and here is why:

Price Considerations

This is one that steel wins on. Alloys used to make wheels (and the alloy of iron and carbon that makes steel is, interestingly enough, not included as an 'alloy wheel!) can use, as well as a base of magnesium or aluminium, rare earths and expensive elements that push the price up. But, as we will see, alloy wheels offer benefits that make the higher price (as much as four times as much as steel wheels) a worthwhile trade to many drivers.

Durability Test

Once again, steel wheels win this one. But then, if you are going to be driving on the types of road that require stronger-than-average wheels because of the poor condition, potholes or loose debris, you are unlikely to mind that your steel wheels look practical and utilitarian. For most roads, alloy wheels are easily strong and durable enough, and have the added advantage of being impervious to rust, a plague to coastal town vehicles.

Lighten Up!

Alloy wheels are known to be considerably lighter than steel, and this helps race cars to drive faster, as well as having some other knock-on benefits, which we will examine soon. It was actually on race tracks that alloys were first used, because the weight difference made enough of a difference to the vehicle's weight that it was deemed well worth it.

Performance Values

For this one, alloys win again. Like the following point, much of the improvement comes from the above-mentioned lightness. The wheels on a vehicle are what is known as unsprung weight, or weight which bears down directly on each tyre, not being spread evenly over the four wheels as is the rest of the chassis, via the suspension system. Having less weight on each tyre means that the vehicle is much more responsive at cornering and in its general handling.

Fuel Efficient

Again, the lightness of alloy wheels comes into play here. It is obvious that the heavier a vehicle, the more likely it is that more fuel will need to be burned to move it, and therefore it follows that lighter alloy wheels are fuel efficient. Or help the car to be fuel efficient, which amounts to the same thing!

Aesthetics Ahoy

The reason alloy wheels made the jump from the race track to mainstream traffic is because they look splendid! Aluminium alloy wheels in particular can be shaped and designed into any number of unique and attractive designs, while the other elements used in the alloy give the metal a wonderful sheen and shine – and sometimes even a hint of different colouration that looks great, whether parked on your driveway or motoring to your favourite destination!

Give the alloy wheels a try and you will see the difference yourself. If you are convinced and are ready to give the alloy wheels a shot then all you need to do is, find a reliable seller. Our recommendation is to head over to Elite Direct. To pump up your ride and give it a stylish look you can get Calibre Motion Alloy Wheels in Rainham from Elite Direct at trade prices. They offer a huge variety of other brands as well. Go check them out now!

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