15 whys to the Summer of 2020

As I sit here thinking about the 'New Normal' and hating that phrase I start to ask myself ...

  • Why can I go to a pub full of strangers but not have friends around my home?
  • Why doesn't the cub scout leader mute all the kids screaming at the same time on Zoom?
  • Has my child forgotten how to dress?
Making stools
Science lessons with dad resulted in making sh*t

  • What was the obsession with Jo Wicks?
  • Will I ever want to go into the office again?
  • What exactly are the rules today?
  • How much vinegar and baking soda is too much to store in the garage?

  • Why has the cost of my food bill doubled?
  • Will I ever get over the fact Sainsbury's tried to sell me a cabbage that was smaller than my fist and basically a sprout on steroids for 80p!!
  • When should I start weaning my child off the 'snacks' in preparation for going back to school?
  • Why are people being so weird about wearing masks?
We kept a pet worm for a week!
We kept a 'pet' worm for a week!  Next week we're watching paint dry.
  • Why was it so easy to put on a whole dress size in weight (I don't weigh myself) in 2 weeks but not lose it again now lockdown has easied?
  • Will I ever wear anything that doesn't have an elasticated waist again?
  • When did my kid start calling me Rach?
  • What the hell is the "New Normal".
Home Schooling and Working From HOme
The start of lockdown working from home and schooling


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