What planner is best for me

Mal Paper produces a daily goal setter planner which is ideal for medium and long term goals and I feel I've found the best planner for me.
Daily Goal Setter the ideal Planner from Mal Paper

Review of Mal Paper Daily Goal-Setter Planner

This is a very smart and beautiful planner.  It is A5 in size with a faux leather softback cover and is surprisingly light.

A detailed review of this Planner can be viewed on my Youtube channel which I've embedded below as I feel visually seeing this planner will do it more justice than any photos.

Example page of Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter

Where to Purchase a Goal-Setting Planner

The Mal Paper Daily Goal-Setter Planner can be purchased directly from the website Mal Paper where if you purchase from there, you can get 15% off using code: BRSPECIAL15.

The planner I've reviewed currently retails at £21.95, so with 15% off this beautiful daily planner could be yours for under £20!

Mal Paper discount Code for Planner

Who is Mal Paper

The word Mål, pronounced 'mo-l', means goal in Swedish. 

Mal takes inspiration from the Scandinavian clean and clutter-free way of living. As a result, Mål Paper designs and produces stylish, simplistic and effective stationery that helps us to be more productive by focusing our minds on the most important tasks. 

The range of products is the result of seeking a solution to solve the common problem of jumping from one task to the next, without prioritising them or even completing the previous task. Tired of having countless ‘to-do’ lists on notepads, notebooks and journals that did nothing more than complicate goals and tasks further, to the point of feeling overwhelmed and uninspired to hold ourselves accountable.

Mal mission is simple. Focus on creating products that give the user clarity on what they want to achieve with a clear path on how to get there, all while promoting a positive mindset to carry over on to their daily activities.


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