Review of beautiful affirmation cards for children

Nipper Cards are a great way to encourage conversations with children, to help them recognise big emotions and to instigate conversations they may not know they need. 

Nipper Cards affirmation playing cards for children

Affirmation Cards for Children

Nipper cards are affirmation cards for children with beautifully illustrated power animals!  

These unique cards are great for helping children (and adults!) to deal with daily worries and remind them to think about the need behind the behaviour.  The cards can be used as a tool for starting a conversation or to play memory games and Snap!

Each pack includes instructions for using the affirmation cards and 4 great games to play.

Review of Nipper Cards

I love these cards but I may be biased as I collect cards as a hobby!  That being said, both my partner and my son love them too so they clearly are a hit in my house.

The cards are not the usual set of playing cards with 4 suits of 13.  These are 13 suits of 4 instead.

A selection of suits from the Affirmation Card Pack by Nipper Cards

The pack comes with 4 suggested games to play: Memory Game, Animal Snap, Number Snap and Animal Families.

Animal Families is what prompted the most discussion around the cards and affirmations.  My son was immediately drawn to the animals, but soon became more aware of the messages and we began reading them out as we placed the cards in the discard pile.

The ones he wasn't sure of their meanings were the ones that prompted most discussions, as with the wolf card above, "There is only one of me".  This baffled him, as he saw this as quite obvious in the literal sense.

How to purchase affirmation cards

These cards can be purchased from Amazon and currently retail at £9.99. 

Who is Nipperbout Ltd

Janthea Brigden is the founder of Nipperbout Ltd and these cards were originally created for her own children to help them deal with daily worries.  

Each card has an animal that represents a quality and each animal has four messages which reflect both sides of that quality.  The opposite of fear, for example, is courage.  Often the things we most dislike about others, are in ourselves, and the qualities we most admire, are those we already have.

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