How to make coasters from face mask scraps

When I read about HOMELINK's  #homes4families campaign I knew I wanted to get involved.  

‘Makers’ of all ages and abilities are being invited to get creative at home, either on their own or with family and friends, in order to make and donate a handcrafted item for the home or garden as part of HOMELINK’s ‘Home is where the craft is’ community challenge. 

Handmade Coasters from leftover mask material

I made fandom coasters with leftover fabric pieces.

Maybe not the largest or most complicated home decor piece, but I love these!  I've used up random pieces of fabric, paper and cloth to make these coasters.

The coasters are not 100% reused products.  I bought the coaster templates, but you could always use cardboard, small tiles or a board such as MDF.

Use blank coasters to make unique coasters to make the home decor

The owls were made from leftover wrapping paper and are obviously a nod to Hedwig.

The chequered hearts are made from leftover oilcloth from when I made sandwich bags.

The 4 sets of Harry Potter coasters have all been made from leftover pieces of fabrics from when I made face masks for friends and family.

using left over fabrics from my Harry Potter masks to make coasters

How I covered the coasters 

Leftover pieces of fabric are ideal for this little home addition.

I used Mod Podge to cover the coaster and gently added the fabric in place.  I believe in using what you have, and I have a big pot of Mod Podge!

The glue can seep through the fabric so it's best to leave the coasters to dry completely before touching the fabric so as not to get any fluff or dirt on them.

Using left over fabrics to create Coasters to match your Decor

Once dry I used my cutter wheel around the coaster to ensure a nice smooth cut.

Because these are coasters and may actually get used rather than just look pretty on a coffee table, I covered the fabric with Gloss Mod Podge.  This does have a disadvantage as it darkens the fabrics but it will also protect the fabric in the long run.

If you're planning on adding these as a wall piece or 'for decoration only' then don't worry about the top coat of Mod Podge.

And that is all there is to it!  Lovely quick and easy project that you can change as you change your decor.

What do you think?  Worthy of entering Homelink's challenge?

Quick and easy Coasters for Charity

Why not make use of all those wonderful pretty masks we've made over the past 18 months and turn those into coasters too - obviously giving them a good wash first.

I’m featured in Twinkl’s Recycle Week blog. Why not have a go at creating your own printable crafts?”

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