5 Things to Consider when Buying Pet Insurance

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family.  Whether you decide to adopt or buy, the right pet can provide companionship, love, and comfort to their owners. But like humans, pets need medical treatment from time to time. Every pet owner wants the best for their furry family member, and sometimes this involves a visit to the vet. 

As every animal lover knows though, vet bills can be pricey. While you can’t put a price tag on the well-being of a beloved cat or dog, illness and accidents do incur costs. This is why it is absolutely vital to make sure your pet is insured to ensure they get the care they need. Here are some factors to consider when seeking out pet insurance. 

How Old is Your Pet? 

As much as we would like for them to remain cute little kittens and puppies, ageing is a fact of life. Although the oldest cat in the world lived to be a whopping 38 years of age, most pets have a shorter life expectancy. Most domestic cats live to be around 11-14 years old, though they can live to be 20+. Dogs tend to live for about 10-14 years. Of course, environmental factors play a big role, with indoor pets tending to live longer. There are a number of signs your pet is ageing including changes in sight and hearing as well as visible changes such as muscle loss and poorer skin condition. 

When considering pet insurance, the age of your pet is an important factor. Cats and dogs over the age of 7 are generally harder to insure due to their increased risk of health problems. When getting a new pet, you should purchase a lifetime policy when they are young to ensure your friend is covered for life. 

Are they a Pedigree? 

If your animal is a pedigree breed such as a sphynx cat or a pug, insurance is even more important. 

Why is this? Pedigrees, or pure breeds, are bred within a smaller gene pool than their mixed counterparts. This is done to maintain their distinctive features and allows them to be classified as a pedigree breed. Breeding within a smaller gene pool means that pedigrees are more likely to suffer from congenital conditions. As the gene pool narrows through breeding, pedigrees have a higher chance of having faulty genes passed down to them. 

 Due to their increased propensity for health issues, pedigrees require a comprehensive pet insurance policy to ensure they are covered if they become unwell.

Do they suffer from an Ongoing Illness? 

Many humans around the world suffer from ongoing or chronic health problems. This is also true of pets. In fact, with increasing lifespans, there has been an increase in chronic illnesses in pets. As with humans, chronic illnesses can be present from birth in pets, but they can also be the result of environmental factors such as poor diet and lack of exercise. With an increasing number of cats and dogs presenting as overweight and living more sedentary lifestyles, long-term health problems are on the rise. While you should take measures to prevent chronic illness and keep your pet healthy, there are times when it can’t be helped. 

Given the increased likelihood of ongoing problems in cats and dogs, the right pet insurance is more essential than ever before. 

What is the Likelihood of Your Pet Having an Accident?

 Pets have accidents, and not the kind they have on your carpet. While no one wants to think about their beloved animal getting into a road accident or becoming injured at home, it’s an eventuality that must be considered. Especially for outdoor cats, the likelihood of being involved in an accident is much higher. No matter what we do to mitigate the possibility, accidents can and do happen. If your pet becomes involved in an accident that results in injury, emergency vet bills can be high. This is why it’s important to make sure your pet is covered even if you don’t think it’ll need it. 

Use a Good Comparison Website 

When looking for the right pet insurance, comparison sites are the best way to get a good deal and find insurance that suits your pet. You can easily compare pet insurance. This can be done using comparison sites, of which there are plenty, including Quotezone which provides an independent and unbiased service to help you find the right insurance. When you compare pet insurance in this way, it means less legwork for you and saves you time and money. Never go for the first policy you consider; it’s always important to look at all your options, and comparison sites make that simple. 

Our pets are our best friends, our companions, and our family members. Considering these beautiful creatures mean so much to us, their well-being is a high priority. We don’t like to think about our cat or dog getting sick or being involved in an accident, but part of being a pet owner is being aware of this possibility. To avoid expensive bills and ensure your pets will receive the care they need, pet insurance is an absolute must for any owner.

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