Have you visited Wakehurst's Wonderful Winter Illumination Trail

This year we've not been out to many events due to constantly being put into Lockdowns or restrictions, but fortunately, we were able to feel all Christmasy thanks to Wakehurst's Glow Wild 2020 Trail.

Fox illuminated at Wakehurst Glow Wild Trail

Christmas Eve Eve we decided to visit Wakehurst in Sussex at 8pm at night.  A treat in itself for my 9-year-old, but hey, it's Christmas 2020 and anything goes!

We have never visited an Illumination Trail before so this was a first for us and I can guarantee it won't be the last.  It was so magical!

Wasp illuminated at Wakehurst Glow Wild Trail

We started our safe-distanced trail at 8pm, guided by the lanterns along the trail, it felt like we were walking the path of a fairy garden.

As we approached each of the wildlife creations the noises of that creature played in the background which really added to the atmosphere.

Dandelion illuminated at Wakehurst Glow Wild Trail

It took us an hour to walk the trail, it rained a little and it was chilly but it just made the trail feel wintery.  We stopped at each lantern and with social distancing, it made it that much more enjoyable to stand and admire the lights without anyone blocking the way.

Wicca Stage at Wakehurst

The trail took us a little over an hour to walk but the time went so quickly, from look at the lanterns to watching the fire trail and the wild projections across the house, a truly magical adventure for the whole family.

Wakehurst House illuminated at Glow Wild

If you've never visited an illumination trail before, I highly recommend it.  It really is magical.


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  1. That looks fab. I've been planning to book on something similar round here for about the past 3 Decembers, but always seem to leave it too late to book


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