Waste conscious app which helps reduce every day unnecessary landfill

I've found that when working from home (and before lockdown 3), I need background noise during the day as a bit of company.  

What feels like years ago, when the children were at school, one of the guests on This Morning suggested an app called Olio for people who were struggling with feeding their children either from losing their jobs, having their hours cut or just struggling.

I looked into this app and it turns out OLIO connects neighbours with each other so food and household items can be shared for free. 

The idea behind Olio is to avoid waste, so if you have excess food or you can't use up your food for the week for whatever reason, you can put a shout out on Olio to see if anyone else can take your food to avoid it going to waste.

What a fantastic idea.  I managed to donate food that I know we will not consume before the use-by date.

The site also has a "non-food" section and since the closing of my community Facebook group, I have been using the Olio app to donate my unwanted items which have been building up around the house as I've slowly been having a sort out.

Finally, Olio and Olio Food Heroes are working with Tesco and Pret (when it's open) to collect any unsold items to distribute among the community.  Now, the homeless charities get the first refusal on the food, and if they don't want it, or don't have the means to collect or not require that food on any specific day, this is when Olio step in and take the food to avoid waste.

It's quite important to realise that this app is to avoid waste and whilst it is possible to donate any food not collected from the community, it is not the responsibility of the Olio Food Heroes to pass on to the homeless charities.  

I really think this app is going to grow as more people and businesses come on board.

Do you use it?

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