Quick and Easy Craft Ideas to do with Toddlers

Easter Kids Craft

With spring just around the corner, it can only mean one thing - Easter is coming!  

As a toddler, my son very much enjoyed his craft days and for him, the messier the better so I figured the best thing for us would be to cut out some egg shapes, decorate them and make Easter Bunting.

With a sheet on the floor, glue, glitter pens, stickers and laughter we set about making our Easter Egg bunting.
Easter Kids Craft

Once all the eggs were decorated and dried, I pierced 2 holes in each egg across the top and threaded through some beautiful ribbon.

As we had a good selection of material, I thought it would be nice to create a new vase to home some of the lovely daffodils that will soon be popping up in the garden.

Any jar will make a great base for a vase, with a little piece of felt covering the glass, no one will know the difference.

We decorated our new vase with an Easter theme and then we went out into the garden and selected some daffodils to finish off the piece.

Our new vase now sits pride of place on the mantlepiece above our bunting giving the room a nice Easter and Spring feel.

Do you have any craft projects dotted around the home for each season?  Do you think the Easter Egg Bunting would be a hit in your house?


  1. ooh i have a real thing about bunting - i love the stuff and love any excuse for bunting! Hadn't thought of easter egg bunting - it is a great idea. That vase looks pretty amazing too! Well done Max and mummy x

    1. Thank you Rebecca, Max is loving bunting at the moment too.

  2. Nice although I'm struggling to think about Easter whilst it is trying to snow yet again


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