Dressing as Finnick from Hunger Games for World Book Day

This year is the last year my son will be dressing for World Book Day at school.  He is now in year 6, the final year, of his Primary School and many of his peers have already stopped dressing up or opting for spy costumes.

My son wanted to go as Finnick from Hunger Games, a challenge in a completely different way to his megamonster costume.

As with our previous outfits, I try to buy fabrics and outfits from charity shops rather than buy new and this one was no exception.

Finnick wears many outfits throughout the Hunger Games storylines, I didn't want to send my son to school in a wetsuit so we opted for our take on the rebel outfit.

Finnick's Outfit for World Book Day

Base clothes:  Clothing that we already own and served as his base clothing if he wanted to take the outer layers off while in school.  Black under armour, black joggers and a black T-Shirt.

Body Armour: I did buy this new, but it will get many uses, it's a Nerf jacket so we blacked out the branding to make it a little more authentic.

Armour holders: This was an accident.  I bought some leather effect trousers from the charity shop, St Barnabas. They didn't fit my leggy child!  So I cut them up and used them as bands on the legs and arms to hold weapons.

Outer Clothing:  My favourite and best buys was from the charity shop Guild Care.  I purchased both the leather jacket and trainers from here, and they fit perfectly!   As I said this is our take on Finnick, otherwise my son would be going to school in a wetsuit!  Hardly practical!

Clothes sourced from charity shop, leather jacket and trainers, for Finnick Outfit

At the 11th hour, I decided to make a Mocking Jay emblem to fit on the back of the jacket.  What was I thinking?  Every year, without fail my brain likes a challenge!!

I had some yellow fabric, not actually sure where from, it has been sitting in my random stash pile for a few years, so I used that.  Gold/yellow effect I thought would look nice on black.  Rather than cutting out the Mocking Jay and glueing it to the jacket (yes, this was an option for me at 8pm, the night before Book Day), I decided to sew it on a piece of black fabric and pin it to the jacket.
It took all evening, but I'm also super proud of it!  I can see faults,  but I don't care!

Handmade Mocking Jay Emblem

All dressed up and with his book, we said farewell to dress up on World Book Day (at school anyway), there will always be Comicon.

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  1. Aww you know they are growing up when they choose book characters like this for World Book Day. Great costume making skills as usual from you


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