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Wild Days is an adventure-filled guild for all the family to make the most of the great outdoors and all the fun and magic it has to offer.

Wild Days book released March 2021
GMC Publications - March 2021.  RRP £16.99  ISBN 9781784945831

About Wild Days Book

Find out why they call it the great outdoors with this brilliant book crammed with over 50 activities and fun for children of all ages.  Wild Days by Richard Irvine, the author of the bestselling Forest Craft, is perfect for inspiring kids to step away from screens and get out in the fresh air and explore the natural world.  

Some of the ideas include making a stick den, cooking over a campfire, hunting for treasure, stargazing, leaf printing, identifying animals tracks, making a wreath, making a rope swing, foraging and wood carving.

As well as gaining some simple survival skills, children will learn more about the world around them and their place within it.  Practical, creative and educational, the activities are written with thoughtful advice bearing safety and environmental responsibility in mind concentrating on leaving only a positive trace - all while promoting a sense of adventure and wellbeing.

Thoughts on Wild Days

There is so much in this book, I don't know where to start, but what I do know is we have no excuses for sitting around not knowing what to do anymore!  Forests hold the key to a full day out with the family.  

Wild Days showing the origins of Pooh Sticks Bridge
I never knew the origins of Pooh Sticks Bridge was in Sussex
I am looking forward to finding some tree stumps and reading the rings, and learning how to find north from trees too.  I know my son will love making the hedgehog pen holder, a natural diary and feather quill as all involve tools.

Image from Wild Days forest book showing how to make a hedgehog pencil holder

From pond dipping, to pooh sticks to watching the clouds there is so much to fill a day in the forest, we'll certainly be going back time and again with something new from the Wild Days book to guide us.

Leaf Bashing from the Wild Days book

About the author

Richard Irvine is a qualified teacher with a love of the outdoors and over 20 years of experience in the field of outdoor learning.  his specialist knowledge of woodlands and practical education comes from a love of the outdoors and many years working for forestry and education organisations.  An accomplished greenwood carver, he brings woodcraft into his work wherever possible through progressing children's skills at Forest School and running professional development workshops and recreational carving days for adults.

He is the author of Forest Craft, also from GMC Publications, and lives in Devon.

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