Have you created masterpieces with the creativity clicks of K'Nex?

I always thought K'nex had been around forever, and a little pang of jealousy hit my heart that I never had the chance to play with these amazing interlocking rods, blocks and gears, until I found out that it has only been around since 1992, and seeing as I pre-date the internet, I feel a whole lot better about sharing the K'nex experience with my son.

9-year-old building a Battle Bow from K'nex

K'nex supports the development growth of fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and spatial awareness enabling greater understanding of STEM subjects.  These make great toys for all the family to get involved in and share.

The K'Nex K-Force Battle Bow Building Set is a firm favourite in our house!  My 9-year-old likes to create a toy via the instructions in the first instance, but after a quick play, he will then pick it apart and make his own inventions.

K'nex Battle Bow looking like a pistol

That being said, when we had completed the main section of the Bow's mechanics, he got very excited at how he can now turn his bow into a gun.

Aiming the Makeshift K'nex Gun


165 K'nex pieces, choose your design and watch those darts fly at up to 75 feet. ##Ad ##STEM ##BasicFunUK @basicfuntoys @johnlewis

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The K'Nex K-Force Battle Bow Building Set.

Currently retails at £24.99 and is ideal for encouraging independent play as children can either make their own masterpieces or follow the instructions, and what's more this Battle Bow comes with dart blasters that sit nicely on the sides, and wow, they fly!!!

There are 165 pieces to chose from and you can build a variety of four different blasters and target models at one time.

We also made Rad Riders with over 200 pieces to choose from!  

K'Nex Rad Riders 200 pieces

Even though the Rad Rider has more pieces, it didn't take as long to put together as the Battle Bow but was so much fun.  What's more, with four wheels and some rods even I could make the basics of a car!

The pieces are so vibrant and a chunky feel, so even small hands can hold and make with K'Nex, some of the pieces are a wee bit tough to click together, but at least you know when that clicks in, that's not going anywhere.

K'Nex Rad Rider Building Sets

So much choice with K'Nex Rad Rides 12 in 1 Building Sets

This set currently sells for £13 and I really do feel you are getting a lot for your money.  Not only are you getting over 200 classic K'nex pieces and sturdy wheels but also the option of 12 model build sets, and then your own imagination on top!

What is not to love about that!

We spent an entire afternoon making our models and playing with them.  I say "play" more a case of me running away from darts whilst my son tried out different variations of a Bow.  With the cars, we set up ramps to see if our modifications would still allow the Rider to roll.

Core K'Nex Sets

A great way to spend a family afternoon together.

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