My Top 5 programmes axed after just one season

While flicking through Amazon Prime for something new to watch, I came across Truth Seekers.  A TV Programme that had Nick Frost and Simon Pegg on board as writers, I thought this must be good.

Truth Seekers cancelled on Prime

I wasn't wrong!

This was great, unfortunately, I'd managed to scare the absolute life out of myself as a child watching horror movies that were far too old for me to view, and now I'm reaping the consequences of my actions!  I now can't watch horror movies due to my overactive mind the minute I'm in the house alone and my mind will replay ever horror ever watched!

What the hell is that about?!

Truth Seekers is about a stereotypical IT expert, who in his spare time (and some of the company's time) hunts ghosts and the paranormal.  He has a very lame Youtube channel with a very questionable ghost movement on, but it all changes when he meets his new working partner, Elton John.

It's great viewing, it reminds me of Spaced (which at least lasted 2 seasons!) it's good, laugh out loud (then maybe pee your pants if you're a scaredy-cat) moments, that is just what is needed to lighten the mood right now.

Then it got cancelled!  

I'm secretly hoping that Netflix picks it up like they did Lucifer!

After my 48 hours of sulking, it got me thinking of other programmes that had me hooked and then left me hanging with the dreaded CANCELLED after just one season.

Truth Seekers (2020) gets the number one spot, as it's the most recent and I'm still annoyed.

I am Not OK with This (2020), you're not kidding!  You tease us with a superpower and no origin, no explanation, no more story (apparently Covid19 and costs has caused this one to be cancelled).

Freaks and Geeks (1999 - 2000), I was very late to the party for this one.  I must have watched it about 4 years ago, I think I binge-watched it in 3days and that left a hole!

Firefly (2002 - 2003) I know they made a movie, but it's not the same.  This is Sci-Fi at its finest and let's face it, we know that Sci-Fi programmes can go on for years if we really wanted them to, the story-lines and characters are endless!  14 episodes, better than 8 I guess!

(2014 - 2015) I got a whole 22 episodes for this one, and then zip.  That's your lot!

Looking at the list above, they're not your average "comedy sitcom" are they, do they not do well for audience viewings?  They certainly have high ratings on IMDB!

Who makes the decision to cancel?  I'm genuinely interested, is it based on views and if it's based on views when are these counted as I only watched Geeks and Freeks about 4 years ago!  Maybe, like I am Not OK with This, it's based on costs.

I could probably list a further 5 programmes but maybe I'll leave that for another post!

I'd just like to say if I get wind that there is a really good show out and it's been cut after season one.... I don't watch it.  I can't keep making up my own endings for all the characters!

Also, I'm only halfway through Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and seeing as that's cancelled after one season, I don't think I'll bother finishing that one!  I don't need a cliffhanger ending!

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