Learning How To Leave by Michael Padraig-Acton #Booktour

I don't know where to start with this book!  I'm blown away by how amazing it is!  It has me thinking about it when I'm not reading it.  It has me finding spare time that I don't have during the day to read a chapter.  It has me sharing little snippets on Instagram stories almost daily, and it also has me recalling memories that I thought were long since buried from a life that is long since dead.

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Learning How to Leave is the first in a set of "Power of You" books and is written in a style that is a practical guide to stepping away from narcissistic and toxic relationships.

The title of the book may cause issues if you are a co-dependant living in a toxic relationship.  How do you find the space and time to read this away from someone who is controlling or toxic?  I don't know, I don't have the answers, but if you are gifted this book, there is a reason, so please find that quiet, private spot and learn how to leave.

This book is the book to help and guide those who may not know or are not quite sure if they are in a toxic relationship.  I say this from the position of someone who was in a toxic relationship.  

Michael Padraig-Action has written this book in a new style to me.  He has drawn on his client's situations that make the understanding of the relationships between a narcissist and co-dependant so much clearer.  What is more, it's not just partners this book relates to!  There are narcissists in all walks of life from family members, to partners, to colleagues at work and Michael tackles all these situations.

I can relate to this book right now to a work situation, but mainly to a relationship that I tend to block out of my mind and just refer to it as my "prior life".  I am lucky, my bestie could see how toxic my relationship was and she very slowly made me aware of my partner's behaviour and my attitude.

10 years it took me.  I lost my home, my credit score went to shot and so did my self-esteem.  Obviously, I take responsibility for my part in all that but I'm also a lot more aware and stronger now.

Don't take 10 years to leave!  Get this book now and read up on the case studies, on the signs and on how to leave.

There is so much to this book.  My short review will never do it complete justice.  Fortunately, it is part of a book tour and I urge anyone in the "maybe" camp to pick a couple more blogs to read to get a bigger picture of the book.

You don't need to be in a toxic relationship to own this book maybe you, like my bestie, know someone who is?  Get this book to help you to help them.

About the Author

Michael Padraig-Acton (B.Ed., M.Ed. (Psych.) Hons., M.A. C.Psych., P.D. C.Psych., BPSsS., BACP (Accred) MICF) is a consultant, psychological therapist, counsellor, clinical supervisor, legal consultant, systemic life coach, trained scientist-practitioner and author with over 30 years of clinical experience. 

Working globally, with his main offices in London (UK) and Fort Lauderdale (US), originally from England and Ireland, Michael specialises in helping couples, families and individuals. He has extensive training in approaches including applied clinical and counselling psychology, CBT, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic, Jungian, Gestalt, systemic and transactional analysis, as well as holistic forms of therapeutic alliance such as mindfulness and shamanism. 

As mostly a single parent for his daughter’s upbringing and having no parental support as a child, Michael left home, the Catholic church and his home behind at the age of 17 having spent months struggling to survive meningitis. He has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to helping hundreds of people through his practices. 

The Power Of You series of accessible self-help is Michael’s way of reaching and supporting many, many more people, families and couples. All his work is enveloped by Rogerian core values of empowerment and the importance of the therapeutic integrative relationship. Michael is a genuine, caring and thoughtful professional, dad and grandpa with scholastic and real human values.

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