My handmade Harry Potter inspired potion necklaces

Harry Potter inspired drawers

Back in the Summer, we went to a garage sale.  The guy holding the sale was selling off his cider bottles and I just wanted them!  You know how it is, sometimes you see something and just want it!  It's only when I was asked what I was going to do with them that I thought about the Harry Potter labels that I had used on my storage unit here - and thought potion bottles.

The following months we went to various car boot sales and we picked up various size bottles whenever we could and I made an array of potions in time for Halloween.  You can see how I made them from this blog.

Anyway, in my excitement of bagging a bargain on eBay I paid no attention to the size of the 5 bottles I ordered for the bargain price of £2.40............ they're an inch high!! So, what do you do with inch tall bottles - well you make miniature potion bottles and turn them into necklaces.

So 3 of the 5 potions I made as gifts and the remaining two will live on this shelf with the rest of my Harry Potter goodies.

Harry Potter shelving

So here is my lucky Felix Felicis, Wolfsbane with added pendants, Drink of Despair (the green was a nightmare!) for a Slytherin fan, Amortentia with the personalised locket and Floo powder to get around.
 Chocolate Frog cards

Wolfsbane necklace

Wolfsbane necklace

Slytherin necklace

Felix Felicis

Love potion

Floo Powder


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