Many firsts when I made this wrap skirt

In April I picked out this Rose & Hubble Cotton Poplin Fabric from Minerva with a view to making a wrap skirt, but when it arrived I thought it would make a fantastic PJ set.  Then after watching the paper bag shorts episode of the Great British Sewing Bee, I thought this fabric would also look great as shorts.
Unicorn Poplin Cotton Fabric

This is my brain!  It's not great at making decisions when presented with too many options!

In the end, I stuck with my original plan and made a wrap-around skirt.  The wearing of this skirt is fabulous, the fabric flows freely as you walk and keeps you feeling nice and cool in the warm weather.

Making a Wrap around skirt

The making of the skirt is a whole other story!

First up I had a buttonhole to do! Believe it or not, I've always managed to pick patterns that don't require a button fastening.  I completed it rather well in the end, thanks to Youtube!

This skirt pattern also had a separate waistband to fit to the body of the skirt.  I don't think this is uncommon, but I've usually selected skirts that are elasticated.  This was also a first for me and I was rather amazed when, after adding the darts to the main body of the skirt, the waistband lined up nicely!

Another first, and something I've always prided myself on that I've never done ....... I've cut the fabric upside down!!!  I had to adjust my fastening accordingly and have the left wrap over the right, I am disappointed in myself for doing that!

Can you spot the upside down unicorn.  Sewing Fubarr

And finally, and something that I did struggle with, was the waistband had the skirt ties sewn into it.  That took a lot of starring at the fabric and the instructions and I never did quite get that right.  I got one of the ties sewn in, but not the other.  I still don't understand how I got that wrong, but I did a bit of creative sewing and it all worked out OK in the end.

On the whole, I'm pleased with how my skirt turned out and it has the added bonus of being adjustable, so as I lose weight over the summer, I can move the button further up the waistband.

Are there any sewing techniques that you avoid?


  1. I love that fabric. It is a bit of fun. You did great despite your mishaps. The adjustable waist is such a great idea x


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