Spikey: The New Children's Book to Help Save the Hedgehogs!

We are big hedgehog fans so when Spikey by Tereza Anteneova was released in July 2021 I knew it was a book that I wanted to read with my son.

Spikey by Tereza Anteneova
Spikey is available in paperback (£9.99), hardback (£12.99) and ebook (£5.99) at all good bookshops and online retailers.

Adults can read this book for home or school with children or advanced readers can read by themselves.  The book also features two levels of reading comprehension questions for younger and older readers.

Spikey Synopsis

In Regent’s Park, London, a lonely and rejected hedgehog called Spikey must learn quickly if he is to survive the coming winter.  With only the wisdom of his grandma to guide him, he sets out into the big, wide world.  

Who will help him, and how will he cope when there are dangers all around? An exciting and heart-warming story for children and hedgehog-lovers of all ages.
Spikey the Hedgehog being read

Spikey is supported by Hedgehog Street, a charity campaign that seeks to stop the decline in hedgehog numbers and encourage people to create hedgehog-friendly gardens. 

Additional supporting material about helping hedgehogs for schools and homes can be found at www.thelittlehedgehog.com.

About the Author

Tereza Anteneov√° is orginally from Prague. Tereza was inspired by the long summer days that she spent with her father at their cottage in the countryside, lying in the grass and watching the wildlife; telling each other stories about the lives, hopes and dreams of all the animals they saw. 

Now she is a TV news reporter, TV presenter, radio broadcaster and a PR professional with over 20 years of experience as a media expert. Tereza has written many political and women’s columns for magazines, newspapers and websites and she provides presentation skills training for the Government Legal Department in London and around the UK. 

She is also part of the team at The Centre for Political & Diplomatic Studies in London which helps countries to prepare for the EU presidency. She accompanied the Czech Prime Minister to the White House to cover his Presidential meetings and asked President Barack Obama questions for her news channel both in the Oval Office and during his state visits to the Czech Republic. And she is currently an official British contributor to the Czech Radio and CNN/Prima News and Czech TV, where she comments on British politics. 

Tereza lives in London, with her fiancé John and their two cats, Meowglish and Johnson.


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