Charity Shopping made easy with BuyCharity exclusively sells items from charities and community interest companies (CICs), bringing the much-loved charity shopping experience to the web.

I like this idea, for those who are not able to visit charity shops this is a great alternative. is a unique online charity shopping platform where every selling organisation is pre-checked to ensure they are a fully bona fide charity or Community Interest Company.  Every charity or Community Interest Company is committed to use all the revenue generated by using the BuyCharity online platform in pursuance of their charitable objectives. couldn’t come at a better time for charities, many of which have suffered from the dramatic effects the pandemic and lockdown has had on the high street. With the UK’s 11,000 charity shops seeing reduced footfall over the past 18 months, their sales and donations have been hit hard. 

Phil Whiteley, Partnership Development Manager at Age UK South Lakeland, says that several charities have already signed up to sell products on, and dozens more are going through verification and are set to join soon. 

“We love browsing at charity shops, and is not designed to replace them but to complement them. And where charities have no physical shops but still gather physical donations, can become their shopfront to the public. 

“We’ve already got hundreds of items for sale, from top-end fashion, electronics to unique antiques and collectables,” says Phil. “Shoppers can browse in much the same way they would on other e-commerce sites, or they can choose to buy solely from the charities they support. They can create alerts for particular items, and even make item requests so that charities can check their inventories for a much-wanted item. 

 “Many items include delivery or we make delivery prices really clear, and customers can click and collect bulky items if they wish to. We’ve even made it easy to make donations and ensure the charity benefits from initiatives such as Gift Aid.”

I think as more charities get on board with, this can be a really great resource for purchasing vintage, recycling products and breathing new life into unwanted items and will greatly benefit charities, as we know, charities have been really hard hit by the pandemic.

I'm keen to see this website grows.

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