Howletts Wildlife Park and Conservation Charity

We stumbled across Howletts Wildlife Park while looking for something to do when the tides were high at Hearne Bay.  

Howletts Wildlife  Park and Conservation Charity

What a wonderful day out we had!  Having not heard of Howletts, we didn't know what to expect, and it didn't disappoint and I would highly recommend a visit!

I definitely want to go back.

The Aspinal Foundation

Howletts, Kent's original wildlife park, it's a unique adventure like no other! As a dedicated animal conservation charity, your visit directly helps to protect wildlife here in the UK which, in turn, enables Howletts to send animals back to the wild in conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation

Howletts commitment to conservation, through captive breeding, education and reintroduction into the wild allows them to gain a greater understanding of some of the world’s most fragile environments and the endangered animals that live there.

Elephants at Howletts Wildlife Park

We saw the African elephants, strolling around with acres of land they call home.  A pair of rhinos were right down by the fence which was great, seeing as they have such vast land to roam in.  The signage states we are not guaranteed to see any animals, as this is their home, not a zoo for our entertainment.  [I love that message].

There was an Ice Age section showing all the dinosaurs of the age, a large play area right next to a very large restaurant and a picnic/green area to sit out on too.  Plenty of toiles and refreshments stands throughout the park makes this a splendid walk.

All the animals are well cared for and look in wonderful condition, and you are really made to feel humbled to be in their presence.

Rhinos from Howletts Wildlife Park

I look forward to visiting this park again next time we are in Kent, which hopefully will be the spring for our fossil hunting holiday.

It's beautiful.

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  1. We visited here last summer. I agree it is really good. We didn't get to see rhinos as some areas were still off-limits due to the pandemic


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