Run Like a Girl: An Inspirational Children's book

Run like a girl is an inspirational, easy to read, children/YA book that details biographical stores of 50 highly successful sportswomen.

Run like a Girl children's book
For kids aged 7 - 11 / ISBN 9781787081086
Daniele Brown, MBE, is a double Paralympic gold medalist and five times World Champion in archery, who has written this book to show how running, throwing, skiing etc like a girl is something to inspire to, and here are 50 of the world's sportswomen who did just that.

Every page has a double spread for each sportswoman.  A biography of each person, a quote and a quick and easy to read "Did you know" section.

In my opinion, absolutely the right about of wording, to capture the young reader's interest and to engage them in each of the tales being told.  To inspire young minds with quotes throughout the book, such a wonderful read and ideal gift.

Run Like a Girl can be purchased from Danielle Brown's website or from Amazon, current RRP is £9.99 and would make a wonderful "coffee table" book and ideal for any school library.

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