Craft Kit Subscription Boxes by Craftiosity

I am a big fan of craft and subscription boxes so when Craftiosity asked if I'd like to sample their current month's subscription box, I was extremely happy to do so! 

Craftiosity Subscription Box

Who is Craftiosity

Craftiosity was born to make it easy for us to be creative, to try new things and to be inspired.  Craftiosity is all about you-time.  

The boxes are packed with all the materials you need to learn a new skill, and an introductory taster into the worlds you may be interested in delving into.

Craft Box Kit

The current month's craft is embroidery, it's a craft I've not really got into before, other than loving the size of the needles!  The pack comes with 4 coloured threads, a needle, a plain tea towel to decorate and the embroidery hoop. 

What a great kit!

Complete Kit for adding an embroidery design to a tea towel

The boxes cost £24.95 per month with free post and packaging and the option to cancel at any time.  I have a craft box from KiwiCo and as much as I love those boxes too, they are quite expensive compared with Craftiosity and you do appear to get the same level of equipment.

You also have the option to purchase prior month's craft boxes if there is something specific you'd like to try or wish to buy as a gift, ideal for Birthdays and Christmas if you know someone crafty.

It turns out I didn't give embroidered items enough credit. It's harder than it looks and I'm not sure about stripping out threads.   Needless to say, this is not a hobby that I will be taking up, but so pleased I gave it a go, as now I know and to me, this is exactly the beauty of a craft box subscription.

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  1. These craft boxes are fab aren't they. They are a great introduction to crafts that you might not try. x


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