The queuing system at Diggerland, Kent

Earlier this year we went fossil hunting in Kent and in between low tides we visited local attractions such as Howletts Wildlife Park and Diggerland.

The two attractions couldn't be more different.  Diggerland in Kent is based on what appears to be an industrial site, with a rather interesting car park.  With Covid19 restrictions lifted for outside events but capacity restrictions still in place, it was near to its limit when we arrived at 10.30am (pre-booking not essential, even though we had, so you could pay on the day too).

Once inside, it looks like a Tonker toy construction site has come to life.  This must be what life is like for Woody and Buzz!

The park itself has potential, small diggers to dig for treasure in, larger diggers to operate and move the mud around and a 10-foot JCB that children can drive (over a certain height).

What let the place down was The Great British Queuing system!  Due to the nature of the diggers, the "rides" are at least five minutes long, so a queue of six "families" may not look much but you'll be mistaken in thinking you will only have a half-hour wait.  You need to pay attention to people, not families as not only will there be 2.4 children having a go at the diggers, but parents/carers will too.  So six families could be 24 rides and your half-hour wait becomes two hours.

There is more than one digger/ride at most areas, but on the day we went quite a few were out of action.

The queueing wasn't an issue once you work out the above, what became an issue and actually ruined the day was families (in groups) splitting up and queuing at all the rides so when approximately 6/7 (older) children finished on a ride they would run to whichever adult was closest to the front of the queue and join them!

Well, I'm sure they had a great day, but for families who don't want to split up or just a father and son day out - I'm sure they didn't have such a great time watching these children go straight to the front of every queue!

Diggerland wasn't my thing and the queue management system annoyed the hell out of me so I definitely won't be going back, but my son had a nice day so when we come back fossil hunting, he and his dad may come back.  I think I'll spend the day at Howletts, a much more deserving Park.


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