NERF BUNKR Range Review and Giveaway

NERF Bunkr inflatables are the ideal accessory for any NERF battle and with so many different sizes and shapes to choose from, they make the perfect battlefield whether indoors or out.

The NERF Bunkr Competition Set

We put the Nerf BUNKR Competition Set through its paces and it did not disappoint.
You don't need a large garden to set up a battlefield, it helps and there is more room to manoeuvre but so long as you have a target there is no reason not to set up indoors, as these BUNKRs are designed for just that!

Large inflatables often make me break out in a cold sweat.  I've never been good at the breathing apparatus at the doctors and the thought of trying to blow air into something almost the size of me will make me pass out, and then to be confronted with TWO valves is just confusing.

Bunkr valves for the NERF Inflatables

These inflatables have a valve in the bottom for water.  This is to make them more stable for outside use, around a litre of water is needed.  It's not necessary for indoor use and wouldn't be good, if for any reason, the inflatable split, needless to say I didn't read this part of the instructions and filled them all up and placed them on my carpet.

The main valve is large, we have a cheap air pump in the garage and this worked perfectly and the inflatables were blown up in no time (thank Goodness, as a 10-year-old standing with his googles on and nerf gun in hand can be quite alarming).

Pump for NERF Bunkr Inflatables

As I mentioned above, we used these NERF Bunkrs indoors.  They worked perfectly in both the front room and the kitchen, which is a small galley style gap.  

If you'd like to see these barrels in action feel free to watch the YouTube footage of my son with a very accurate aim, and I make no apologies for my screaming!

Giveaway Time

For your chance to win 1 x NERF BUNKR Toxic Barrel and 1 x NERF BUNKR Caution Crate please complete the Rafflecopter below.  The terms and conditions for this competition can be found here, to avoid disappointment please ensure you follow all the rules.

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Good Luck, I know I need it when faced with this NERF Mega Fan!



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