Trade to Aid - Reusable Sanitary Pads

Over the last year or so I have noticed a surge in reusable period pads and pants, and is something I've been very keen to get a handle on.    We can not continue to use single-use sanitary products, especially when figures from the Marine Conservation Society reveal an average of 4.8 pieces of menstrual waste is found per 100 metres of beach cleaned!  That is just the products flushed, so can you imagine the volume of products incinerated or ending up in landfills.

reusable sanitary pads pack of 6

Over the past few months, I have been trialling Trade to Aid Reusable pads.

About Trade to Aid

Trade to Aid's mission is to alleviate period poverty around the globe.  A bold statement and I see no reason why it should not work.  For every pack of pads we purchase, Trade to Aid will give a free pack to someone in need in a refugee camp!

* The pads are made from recycled products, no pad is made from virgin plastic.  Only recycled PUL is used for the outside waterproof membrane.

* Trade to Aid is trying to create a sustainable movement.  They are not reliant on donations or fundraising.  By selling their products to us, they can provide emergency sanitary products to women and girls living in refugee camps and provide menstrual health sessions in West Africa for schools.

 * Sourcing is ethical.  Trade to Aid requires all suppliers to adhere to the Fair Labour Associations Code of Conduct.

How I found reusable pads

These pads have a little popper which is designed to do up under the gusset of your underwear.  The comfort of the pads for me, I would say, is the same as other sanitary pads.

When it comes to changing the pad, it really is as simple as un-popping the pad, folding the grey sides in on themselves and placing it in the wash bag provided.

Wash bag that comes with the Sanitary pads

Depending on your flow and preference, you will probably need a few clean pads for each day.  If your desire to wear reusable pads is to help in the fight to save our planet then I would suggest buying a few packs and hand washing.

The instructions for these pads do suggest washing at 30 degrees in a washing machine, but I don't recommend this, especially if that is the only reason to put the machine on.  A good half hour soak in cold water will work just fine and this is also on the instructions.

Trade to Aid Reusable Sanitary Pad Pack

For me, these are the way forward and may take some getting used to, but is definitely the way to go, especially if we think about the alternatives.  So while the 'cons' may appear to be spending time soaking and hand washing, the 'pros' of reducing sanitary product waste, helping Trade to Aid with their mission statement and saving money, surely these far out way the cons every time.  Don't you agree?

Where to buy reusable pads

You can purchase a box of 6 pads from Trade to Aid's website for £29.97.  I would suggest purchasing one box, to begin with to ensure these are the right pads for you, and once you know you have the right brand, who have the right ethos, then you may do well to purchase a few more boxes over time to satisfy your needs.


  1. These are fab aren't they. I have been using them for the last couple of months and love them. x

    1. Take a little getting used to but I agree, these are fab.


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