How to make an Among Us Clock.

My son is a huge Among Us fan, so when I received my latest Maker Crate from KiwiCo, I knew exactly how we were going to decorate the clock face from the kit.
Homemade Among Us Clock

Even though I had a clock kit this will also work with any clock and if funds are low, or you're looking to reduce and recycle, why not check out your local charity shops and see what finds can be had.  Don't forget you can always paint the clock itself and turn it into a galaxy scene.

We have various Toxic Magazines floating around the house and there is always something relating to Among Us in them, so it was these images that I used for the numbers.

Among Us Clock Pieces

My son's favourite part of the project was creating the galaxy.  We used the water paints that came with the kit to create outer space.  Once dry, we went in the garden so he could flick white paint across the "galaxy" to represent the stars.  I did have to swap the paper out for plain card after a while as he was having so much fun and didn't want to stop!

Creating a galaxy scene for the among us clock face

We placed the 12 characters around the clock, with the largest of the two at 12 and 6.  

The clock mechanisms were placed on the clock and now we have a brilliant Among Us themed clock ticking away in my son's room.

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