My favourite independent bookshops in Sussex

I have two wonderful independent Book Shops within a short drive from my home.  It is probably a good job they are not within walking distance - I'm pretty sure I'd be flat broke - I seem to think I have an infinite amount of time each day to read!

Steyning Bookshop

Steyning Bookshop is a quaint shop along Steyning high street with the friendliest family feel to it.  The shop works closely with the primary schools in the area and often arranges for authors to visit the local schools for readings.  My son recently had Jim Beckett visit, he was so excited and is now keen to finish The Caravan at the Edge of Doom.  

Steyning Bookshop often hosts book signings and with Julia Donaldson living in the village, she is known to visit the bookshop for signings and events, bringing the magic of the Gruffalo and friends alive for children.  To date, we have managed to miss every signing either due to missing the notification on Facebook or to other commitments!  One day!

My second favourite independent bookshop is across the border in Hove, East Sussex.  A great little find down First Avenue called The Book Nook.

I caught a post from The Book Nook on Facebook announcing that David Walliams will be doing a book signing!  Wow!  My son was reading Megmonsters when I said we were going to see David to get his latest book, Gansta Granny Strikes Again.  His first reaction was "oh no, I haven't read Code Name Bananas yet"

This was an amazing experience for my son.  David took the time to talk to all the children as they approached him to get their books signed, he posed for photos and made everyone welcome.  It was a really lovely experience and we all left feeling warm and cosy inside.

David Walliams at the Book Nook

I do love WHSmiths and Waterstones, but these independent bookstores, in my opinion, add that little bit of magic back into the books we all love to read.

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