Landscapers a Sky Original

I caught a trailer for Landscapers, a Sky original, on Atlantic and thought it looked like a good watch.  A dark comedy and something to get into.  With David Thewlis and Olivia Colman staring it in, it must be good, and the comical policing investigation finally convinced me.
Poster Image of Landscapers

Well, I was wrong!

Not going to lie I feel slightly deceived!  I don't think it's a dark comedy at all, well the police were a bit of a joke but it's quite a sad love story and left me feeling sorry for Susan and searching the internet for more details on the actual case!

Police Scene from Landscapers

Landscapers is based on the true story of Susan and Christopher Edwards, who have been on the run (from reality) for 15 years and living in France.  It shows how Susan uses her fantasies and love of westerns to get through the day, it is portrayed more of a love story than a couple who killed her elderly parents, buried them in the back garden and syphoned off thousands of pounds of pension money - that bit doesn't really come across at first, and by the time it does you're invested in Susan!

It left me confused rather than amused, slightly ashamed to be feeling sorry for a murderer and a little sad at the demise of their love story.  Too many emotions!

Susan and Christopher Edwards in Landscapers in Court

I don't recall this story when it hit the news in 2014, so after watching all 4 episodes back to back, I felt compelled to read up on what the original story being reported was. 

I don't feel so sorry for Susan now!

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